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  1. Sam Steel says:


    A very interesting site. I found the discussion of Metzinger and PMIR and transparency very helpful.

    A minor point. The URL associated with the text
    “our memories of anticipated experience”
    on the page
    appears to have been accidentally duplicated and lead to a 404 error.

    Sam Steel

  2. Thanks, Sam. I fixed the link.

  3. charles janssen says:

    My feeling is: I just entered a new sea to swim in.
    Funnily enough I found the link by searching for Replication Technology, which seemed to me a purely technological concept in the first place: the development of advanced machinery for reproduction.
    Of course, that invention has far reaching consequences, but I was not so much concerned with psychology or social science.
    I have been facinated by robotics and the possibilities to duplicate via robots the human brain and its content, by definition unique, including if desirable selfconscience and even emotions. This might create a kind of “immortality” and enable spacetravel without limitations in time or due to the vulnarabilities of Earth bound life.
    Clearly, it may be possible to find and develop other, e.g. duplicative, technologies to develop space travel.
    It is my conviction that it is our ultimate destiny to leave Earth. One basic question in the proces: should we aim to maintain human nature as we know it, for instance by building it in robots enabling them to coexist with humans at least for some time or even dominate them?
    I would try to “improve”, because it seems to me Man is Man’s worst ennemy as things stand now.
    Many questions and dilemma’s confront us and in increasing tempo. We have less and less time and may not be ready for finding best solutions. Let us hope trial and error will do it. Like in the past. On the Planet and elsewhere in due course.

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